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A positive platform for the international youth

LXB CUP #1 & #2 demonstrated that skateboarding is not only an incredible dynamic outlet, a positive platform for the international youth and a wonderful visibility for the City of Luxembourg, but more importantly it is a great show for every attendant no matter their age.



some numbers

  • 7500 people in the audience
  • 50 skaters
  • 12 different countries represented
  • 8 live pop-up concerts
  • 60 volunteers
  • 16 exhibitors

It was hot, it was sunny, and everyone was excited and warming up for the coming two days. The international level was extremely high due to the world class skaters that had joined the event hoping to perform and inspire all weekend long. The world elite bringing their name to Luxembourg City was clearly a demonstration that LXB Cup 2017 had built a reputation worldwide.

Sunday morning the skatepark shone bright to everyone's delight. As the Finals began, the crowds roared in supporting their idols. The DJ's set the tone, the skaters showcasing their best tricks and hyping the crowd all afternoon.


Despite mixed weather conditions on Saturday, we managed to get all the skaters involved by running 2 qualification heats.

The skill level was impressive and the motivation was high throughout the event. Saturday night saw a lot of people coming to support and encourage the bands and having a good time despite the heavy rain. On Sunday the sky opened up and the sun shone on the skatepark for everyone’s pleasure. The Finals took place in front of large audience.

Here are a few statistics to sum it up

  • 5000 people in the audience
  • 40 skaters
  • 10 different countries represented
  • 8 live Bands
  • 40 volunteers
  • 5 Food stands