Non-profit organisation founded 14 years ago by Dan Gantrel and Alex Welter, Skatepark.lu has only one goal: To promote skateboarding throughout the country of Luxembourg and also beyond.

Having already achieved many successful projects such as the renovation of the Hollerich Skatepark, the development of Skatepark Péitruss in partnership with Ville de Luxembourg, and of course the management of the LXB CUP #1 event in 2017, the organisation is ready to accept new challenges in 2018 with your help.

Following the huge success we’ve had in 2017, Skatepark.lu is ready for 2018 ! Indeed, after LXB CUP #1 has demonstrated that skateboarding is not only an incredible dynamic outlet, a positive platform for the international youth and a wonderful visibility for the City of Luxembourg but more importantly it is a great show for every attendant.

The feedback from both the medias but also the participants have proven that sport and culture were important to all and thus that we needed to keep going.
After an outstanding first experience, the 2018 edition will want to focus even more on the development of the sport, of its culture, of the musical scene that goes along and on the enthusiasm generated by the skateboarding fans but also by the general public.

Still based on a 2 day program mixing skateboarding competition, free concerts, brands exhibition and free skate lessons, LXB CUP #2 will take place 21-22 of July 2018 at Skatepark Péitruss and will offer once again a unique event open to everyone, creating vocations for those attending.

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