LXB Cup 2020 postponed to 2021

LXB Cup 2020 postponed to 2021


Dear skaters, skateboard fans and all dear friends to our Community,

We all love skateboarding. Whether you like bowl or street, pipe or park –

what unites us is our passion for skateboarding.

So, the idea of months without Streetsessions, Contests – just as the season

was about to start and after so much hard work getting ready for the new

campaign – is an idea that is hurtful/disappointing/heartbreaking.

After all, we were all looking forward to hearing the wheels on the street,

to seeing the craziest tricks, to watching the best skaters in the world fight

tooth and nail to land their tricks.

And yet, we must also realise, that skateboarding is entertainment.

We take it very seriously, because we love it.

But in the grand scheme of things, it is by no means essential.

The health and wellbeing of our fans, our friends, the skaters and our

community in general, however, is.

That’s the reason why we are sad to announce that we have to postpone

LXB Cup 2020 to next year.

As a team and as a sport we must do everything we can to keep our people

safe and minimise the risk of spreading the virus. We fully support, respect

and encourage the current and future decisions taken by the Government

and the City of Luxembourg as we work closely with them to find the best

solutions for our event over the coming months.

A big thank you to our local promoters and partners who have all confirmed

for next year and who are happy to continue to be a part of our event. We

thank them for their ability to adapt and understand – their positive and

encouraging messages are deeply appreciated.

Our heart goes out to everyone trying to navigate these strange times in

their own way as best they can. It’s a fucked up situation. But this is about

Family, Community, Support and Victory.

To our beautiful Community, we miss and love you more than you know.

You’ve given us the opportunity to push through these strange times with

your loyalty.

Without you, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in right now.

This is another component of commitment that continuously reminds us

how amazing our community really is.

At its very best, sport has the power to not just entertain, but to unite.

Many of us have created great moments and memories by obsessively

watching skateparts on TV or sharing our latest hometricks on Instagram

with our friends.

In the next weeks, that bond is best celebrated in our homes and away

from the public – not through direct contact, but rather through video calls

or social media.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll have to adapt to new challenges,

but we’ll approach these with the same energy and determination that

we’ve shown before.

We will not be silent but embrace our creativity and use our platform to be

a positive voice for the skateboard community.

To you, our fans, team-mates, partners, it’s by pulling together that we’ll get

through these challenges ahead.

Please stay safe, follow expert advice, make sure you keep your distance –

and keep washing those hands.

Thank you for all the support.


LXB Cup Team


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